Wambooka Performer Pad

Pack contains 2 x 'Waffle' sheets and 2 x adjustable focused dampers - ideal for snare drum changes.

Buy in multiples of 20 for a 10% discount

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A very Innovative and versatile drum damping system from Italy. There are 2 x different types with 2 pieces of each; supplied in a substantial metal storage box.

The 'Waffle' style can be used on any drum and can be cut to make smaller sections for even more accurate control. They have an incredible adhesion so can be used on the underside of Toms without falling off. If they get dirty or dusty they can be washed and this restores their 'stickiness'

The 'Snare damper' can be fixed to the outer edge of the drums rim and so quickly added and removed from the head without getting lost.