Wambooka Kick Damper

Pack of 4 x dampers.. The first drum gel designed specifically for bass drum.

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Wambooka kick damper is the first drum gel designed specifically for bass drum. Like the Wambooka Performer pads for Snare and Toms it is transparent, super sticky and will stay firmly on a clear or coated bass drum head. It can also be quickly removed leaving no residue or damage to the heads. The Kick Damper can be used on the playing side and/or the resonant head. It will control or eliminate ‘ring’ from the bass drum and also enhance the low frequency response of your drum.

Available in a pack of 4 x dampers with fitting guidance options. It is specifically designed to fit close to the edge of the head and is re-useable. Simply wash with warm water if needed to restore stickiness.

Wambooka Kick Damper totally eliminates the need for pillows and blankets in the drum. It will work exceptionally well with vintage style heads or budget heads and can be used to eliminate the need for a sound hole in the front display head. Suitable for all sizes of bass drum including Marching Drums.