Shaw Hoops - Vintage

High Chrome heavy duty, double flange, vintage style hoops.

These reduce the 'damping' effect that can be found with modern Triple Flange hoops or even more so with cast hoops. Can also be used with a custom quantity of lugs as clips are not integrated into the hoop

10" Batter Chrome

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12" Batter Chrome

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13" Batter Chrome

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13" Snare Chrome

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14" Batter Chrome

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14" Snare Chrome

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16" Batter Chrome

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18" Batter Chrome

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High Chrome heavy duty, twin flange vintage style hoops.

Shaw Die Cast Clips available separately. These give complete freedom for the quantity of lugs used on a drum.

Sizes 10” through to 18” Larger Image

13” and 14” snare side also available  Larger Image