UFIP Percussion

UFIP's construction of these FX cymbals follows the same stringent quality control as all of their products.

Made from premium quality bronze and hand crafted in Italy 

7" Bronze Ice Bell

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8" Bronze Ice Bell

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Ximbau Small

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Ximbau Medium

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Ximbau Large

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Visit the UFIP website or click on the individual products below for a demonstration sound clip.

The Ice Bell is a heavy cast cymbal and gives the sound similar to a regular cymbal bell but with a much longer sustain

The Ximbau is a triangular quater plate fitted with jingles for short decay 'white noise' style effects.

Larger images/Demo Clips:
7" Ice Bell Image 
8" Ice Bell Image  
Ximbau Small Image 
Ximbau Medium Image 
Ximbau Large Image
14" Snare Clang Image  Demo
HiHat Clang Image  Demo