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Studies for Cajon + CD

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Cajon Basic + CD

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First Lessons Drumset + CD

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First Lessons Drumset + CD + DVD

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Tutoring Books, CDs and DVDs for drums & percussion

Studies for Cajon by Martin Rottger (with CD) A step-by-step introduction to the Cajon. CD contains sound examples to the respective exercises to help you practice and control the sound you make as well as play along-tracks, allowing you to test your skills under realistic conditions.  Larger Image

Cajon Basics by Matthias Philipzen (with CD)  Cajon introduction from Philipzen, who has intensely worked with the instrument for 15 years and is known in the scene as a clinician and musician Larger Image

Steve Gadd Transcriptions Book by Steve Gadd & transcribed by Krzysztof Filipski. Includes thirty stylistically varying transcriptions. It is a note for note, very accurate interpretation of Steve Gadd's style of playing the drums. Clearly notated and easy to read. Attractive quotations, biography, an extensive discography and videography are an extra bonus in this book. Larger Image

First Lessons Drumset by Frank Brigg (with CD) First Lessons Drumset is designed to help the student develop basic 3 part coordination skills on the drum set. Learn some fundamental reading skills, snare and bass drum technique and get started with a solid foundation. It will also help you set up your kit, hold your sticks properly and teach you to play along with music today! Larger Image

First Lessons Drumset by Frank Brigg (with CD PLUS DVD) As above inlcuding an accompanying 25min DVD Larger Image