Spinbal Cymbal Spinner

Spinbal™ adds a totally new dimension to your cymbals. In the scientifically engineered housing is a unique bearing system. This fits most standard (8mm) thread cymbal stands, allowing cymbals to spin for prolonged periods of time.

Spinbal™ can enhance the cymbals sound, especially over the natural cymbal decay, by keeping the note pure and also prevents cymbal damage.

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Visually: Spinning cymbals create dynamic and mesmerising effects. Your cymbal will spin continuously at a fast speed for up to 10 minutes or more 

Sonically: Spinbal helps eliminate cymbal 'modulation'. When a cymbal is struck, the whole surface distorts and this is reduced by the 'centrifugal' effect of its rotation. Very valuable in recording or live performance.

Physically:, Even if the cymbal is not actively spun Spinbal randomises the striking locations on cymbal surfaces, due to its super smooth bearings. This helps to reduce key-holing and even cymbal cracks.