Shaw Hardware K-Class

K-Class Heavy Duty Double Braced Hardware

British designed pro-series hardware. High specification and extremely robust with features such as cast wingscrews and wingnuts, heavy duty, high stability rubber feet and Shaw Cympads on all Cymbal and HiHat stands

K-Class Boom Cymbal Stand

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K-Class Hi Hat Stand

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K-Class Snare Stand

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K-Class Double Tom Stand

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Boom Cymbal Stand - Heavy Duty 3 section stand with disappearing boom. Double braced legs fitted with ergonomically designed rubber feet, giving excellent grip at all angles of stand placement. Low tube: 30mm/1.1″ Mid Tube:26mm/1″ Top tube: 23mm/0.9″. Knurled, anti-slip boom arm with universal adjustment and cymbal tilter. Supplied with custom Cympad™ Optimiser Series black washers and heavy duty wing screws and wing nuts. Lowest Height: 760mm/30″ Max Height: 1880mm/74″  Weight: 4.25kg Larger Image

HiHat Stand - Designed to the same stand specifications as the K Class boom stand and fitted with a footboard matching the K Class bass pedals. HiHat stand features include professional grade drive chain, fully swivel positional, locking footplate and sprung, anti-slip pins. Heavy duty cymbal clutch, fitted with custom Cympad™ washers.. Lowest height: 580mm/23″ Max Height: 970/38″ Weight: 4.05kg Larger Image

Snare Stand - Versatile application Pro Standard off-set basket snare stand. Also can be used as rack tom stand. Again sharing the standard features of construction as the other K Class stands; it features a fully adjustable, heavy-duty locking snare basket with a boom arm to enable the snare drum to be in exactly the right place. Lowest height: 345mm/13.5″ Max height: 600mm/23.5″ Weight: 3.35kg Larger Image

Double Tom Stand Completing the set of K Class hardware is the double tom stand. Sharing the same construction as all K Class this features a heavy duty cast top with a double section, height adjustable stand. Fitted with 2 individual clamped, phenolic ball arms to give multi angle tom positioning. Can be used for 1 or 2 toms plus accessories eg cymbal arm from the additional bracket. Lowest height: 610mm/24″ Max height: 890mm//35″ Weight: 4.6kg Larger image  Detail image