MuffStick Drumstick Muffle Cover

Quiet tom grooves, muted snare drum sounds, cymbal swells without a stick tone… no problem with the MUFFSTICk muffle cover for your use with any drumstick.

MuffStick Heavy

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MuffStick Light

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The MUFFSTICK is a muffle for your drumstick.

Put your normal drum stick (fits 7A - 5B) in the sleeve. The reinforced area of felt and the typical MUFFKOPF outer (in the new skunk design) provide quick muffle effects.
And if you’re playing with more drive the useful strap for your finger or the new hook-and-loop fastener prevents your MUFFSTICK flying in the audience!

The light model has less weight and less surface area but almost the same sound qualities.

100% polyester/polyacryl?

length 29.5cm
?width heavy: 5.5cm to 9.5cm, light: 5.5cm
thickness 1.5cm
weight heavy: 45g, light: 35g

Reverse colour varies (black, orange or green)

Larger Images: Heavy Light