Muff Kopf Bass Drum Beater Covers

Muff Kopf Vintage style bass drum beater covers

A simple and convenient way to get a warm Vintage, Acoustic or Jazz bass drum sound without changing the head or beater. 

Muff Kopf Bass Drum Beater Muffle

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Muff Kopf Fleece Beater Muffle

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MK01 The felt cover, with its shaggy faux fur outer layer simply drops over the pedals beater and is then secured quickly and simply by a sliding toggle. This makes it ideal to use mid performance for a quieter number and then immediately go back to regular beater sound if required. Or leave it on permantly for a warm deep bass drum sound.
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MK02 This is a larger, fleece version which gives an even greater degree of muting and more bass timbre. Fitted over the pedals beater in exactly the same way for ease of changing during a performance. Can also be left on permanantly.
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Both of these models are very suitable for use with Cajons for acoustic performance.

Internal felt colour may vary. Made in Germany