Leem Heavy Duty DC9 Power Bank - 5 Output

Leem Heavy Duty DC9 Power Bank - 5 Output

• Leem Power Bank Regulated 9V Power Bank for Guitar Effect Pedals 

• One power supply unit to power multiple effects pedals,

• Heavy Duty metal casing


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Eliminate the need for multiple mains adapters or battery changing for effects pedals. Housed in a tough metal case, on/off switch with 'power on' indicator and a side mounted fuse-holder. 5 x DC power sockets (tip negative). Integral 1.2m mains cable to UK 3 pin plug. The Power Bank is supplied complete with a total of five 300mm long DC power leads for providing power to your effects pedals sockets.
* 5-Way Power Bank
* An AC adapter that will supply up to 5 effects pedals / DC outputs
* 5 x 300mm DC-DC power leads
* 9V 450mA output 
* On/Off switch
* Fused output
* Dimensions 140x50x75mm  Weight: 0.98kg