Futz Pedal Accessories

Accessories for the practice pedal that is also a percussion beater and an electronic pedal.

Power Spring

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Percussion Stand

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The Futz is the world's first practice pedal. A compact, portable, lightweight, and adjustable practice pad for your feet. This means you can practice practically anywhere; so spend your time behind your kit being creative, and spend the rest of your day improving your speed, endurance and control!

Its patented design includes a spring loaded adjustable hinge and durable, lightweight nylon construction. Best of all, the Fütz can easily convert into two valuable percussion tools for complete Foot Action Satisfaction.  Made in USA

Silencer pads can be used for ultra quiet practice and spring used for extra resistance. The other accessories can also transform the pedal into a percussion beater or electric pedal.

Steel Percussion Beater Steel and rubber, slots into pedal  Larger Image  Image on Pedal
Impact Disc Set For adjusting volume and feel - 1 soft, 1 medium and 1 hard disc Larger Image
Power Spring Adds 32lbs of extra resistance to your workout instantly. Larger Image Image on Pedal