Skygel E-Trix Trigger Set

E-Drum Triggers Full ste for Snare/Rim, 3 x Toms and Bass Drum.

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High-Quality set of E-Drum Triggers for complete drum kit.

Precision deigned Transducers with a low-profile metal bracket and Jack Output that mounts on to the tension rods on any drums

Each E-Trix use a black SkyGel pad  (included) to hold the Transducer onto the normal drum head, and can also be used with Mesh Heads as a full function e-kit

Rugged, roadworthy, very simple & easy to install and remove Fast triggering using DCT technology

Set includes 1x Dual Snare/Rim, 1 x Bass and 3 x Tom Triggers, plus Skygel and adhesive pads for mesh head use.

Team these with Z-ED Mesh heads and Shaw rimWrap for a highly effective e-kit