Cympad Undertones

Cympad Undertones are designed to improve the sound of your bass drum and floor tom while also offering an extra layer of protection from unwanted drum and pedal movement

Bass Drum Spur Pads (x2) with Bass Drum Pedal Pad

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Hi-Hat Leg Pads (x3) with Hi-Hat Pedal Pad

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Floor Tom Leg Pads (x3)

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Pedal Pad for Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Pedals

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The innovative system features specially-designed heavy duty discs for floor tom legs and bass drum spurs and a set for acoustic and electronic bass drum and hi-hat pedals.
The pads isolate the drums from the floor— adding significant sustain and low end to their sound. The combination of spur and pedal pads is especially effective in enhancing the sound of bass drums and rack toms on bass drums with mounted tom holders.

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