Cympad Moderators

Advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam cymbal washers.

Reduce cymbal volume and unwanted overtones.

Take control of your cymbals - ideal for all studio work


Moderator Super Set (10 pieces)

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Moderator 50/15mm 2 Pack

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Moderator 60/15mm 2 Pack

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Moderator 70/15mm 2 Pack

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Moderator 80/15mm 2 Pack

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Moderator 90/15mm 2 Pack

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Moderator 100/15mm Single Unit

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Advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam; consistent in size, thickness and density Moderators help protect and improve the sound of your cymbals.

Moderators reduce cymbal volume and unwanted overtones and so increase articulation. These are ideal for larger rides or crash/rides as they control cymbal wash.  15mm thickness, in various sizes:

Super Set (2x50mm, 2x60mm, 2x70mm, 2x80mm, 2x90mm) Larger image
50mm (2 Pack) Larger Image
60mm (2 Pack) Larger Image
70mm (2 Pack) Larger Image
80mm (2 Pack) Larger Image
90mm (2 Pack) Larger Image
100mm Larger Image