Practice Accessories

Shaw Practice 'Buzz' Pad

The Shaw Buzz Pad is an  8" Practice Pad that not only plays and responds like a snare drum, it sounds like a REAL snare drum (but much quieter!) 

Shaw Practice Volume Control Discs

Volume Control Discs - a simple and cost effective way to practice quietly!

‘VCDs’ are  specially designed pads that simply drop on to your kit and reduce the volume instanty!

From £5.32
Shaw RimWrap

Specially formed rubber covering for the metal hoop/rim of a drum. All sizes available

Ideal for all eDrums and conversions 

Prevents damage to Bass Drums when used on the bottom of Rack or Hanging Toms

From £5.99
Vic Firth Practice Pads

6" and 12" soft rubber practice pads for quieter practice.

Hard rubber surface for intensifying the workout also avaialble.

From £24.76
Vic Firth Practice Sticks

Practice Tools from Vic Firth

Rubber tips for quieter practice.