Practice Accessories

Aquarian Practice Pads

Tru-Bounce™ and Quik-Bounce™  practice pads with active playing surface of specially selected neoprene for a true and accurate response.

Includes Rudimet sheets and FREE Graphite Sticks


From £38.48
Aquarian SuperPads

A stand-alone pad for silent practice and a low-volume acoustic drum mute for low-volume music making.

From £64.21
Futz Pedal & Accessories

Hansenfutz Bass Practice Pedal

The practice pedal that is also a percussion beater and an electronic pedal.

From £6.53
Shaw Practice Pads

Shaw Practice Pads are manufactured from wood with composite rubber playing surface that gives a very accurate but noiseless response.

From £20.45
Shaw Practice Volume Control Discs

Heavy Duty Volume Control Discs - a simple and cost effective way to practice quietly!

‘VCDs’ are rubber pads that simply drop on to your kit

From £8.02