Hearing Protection

Hearos Rock 'n' Roll

Rock 'n' Roll Hearos Musician Earplugs

Since 1996, the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series has been an international best seller in the music community because it provides performance, comfort, control and protection to musician’s most valuable asset…their hearing

The original model for musicians. Noise Reduction level NRR 27

With carry case

Hearos Softstar NexGen Series

Hearos Softstar NexGen Series Earplugs

The NexGen Series is made using super soft, molded polyurethane foam. The foam recovers slowly and you can wear the product comfortably for extended periods of time. 

Also features built in a foam 'handle' at the end of the product. This allows the user to grip on to the ear plug for ease of removal.  

Noise Reduction Rating NRR 30 

From £10.00
Hearos Ultimate Softness

HEAROS Ultimate Softness Series Foam Ear Plugs, featuring one of the highest levels of protection, comfort, fit and ease of insertion of any foam ear plug available.  

Thanks to HEAROS proprietary foam formulation these ear plugs roll down and “slowly recover” giving you plenty of time to properly position them in your ears.

From £5.50
Hearos Xtreme Protection

Hearos Xtreme Protection Series Earplugs

HEAROS Xtreme Series Foam Ear Plugs, featuring the highest level of protection -33dB with comfort fit and ease of insertion. 

From £9.72
Shaw ER20 Hearing Protection

Virtually 'flat' response across all frequencies

Re-useable and washable, complete with aluminium carry case.