Drum Essentials

Maxonix Stick Ark Drumstick Holder

A new concept in drumstick holders that perfectly positions 4 sticks on your bass drum

Muff Kopf Bass Drum Beater Covers

Muff Kopf Vintage style bass drum beater covers

A simple and convenient way to get a warm Vintage, Acoustic or Jazz bass drum sound without changing the head or beater. 

From £22.99
MuffStick Drumstick Muffle Cover

The MUFFSTICK is a muffle cover for your drumstick.

From £19.99
Shaw Buzz Pad

The Shaw Buzz Pad is an  8" Practice Pad that not only plays and responds like a snare drum, it sounds like a REAL snare drum (but much quieter!) 

Shaw Drum Key

Chrome plated die cast tuning key

Use by hand or with a drill or wrench

From £4.99