Aquarian Galaxy Heads

Single Ply Galaxy heads from Aquarian

In Clear or Coated, for tom and bass.

From £6.22
Aquarian Hi-Frequency Heads

Transparent, Texture Coated or Black Gloss single ply heads (7 mil)

Recommended for resonant side on toms.

From £11.81
Aquarian Impact I & II Heads

Transparent heads in single ply (10mil) or twin ply (2 x 7mil) featuring features Aquarian’s patented “Floating Muffling System.”

Suitable for bass drum playing side.

From £42.95
Aquarian Jack DeJohnette Heads

Single Ply Black Heads (10mil) with a unique slightly thicker coating.

Created to compliment Jack DeJohnette's iconic style and availabe for tom and bass batter heads.

From £19.32
Aquarian Modern Vintage Heads

Calfskin effect single ply heads in thin (7mil) and medium weight (10mil)

Vintage look and tone with added durability and depth. Suitable for Tom and Bass playing sides.

From £18.44