UFIP Supernova

UFiP Supernova Series Cymbals 

Professional quality at a mid range price range, with a fast responsive tone that is crystal clear and bright. Supernova cymbals have a dynamic and contemporary sound.


From £67.15
UFIP Tiger Series Cymbals

Exceptional quality for a mid priced range.

An exclusive surface treatment gives them their unique look and a sound that is explosive, powerful and rapid in response, proving them to be ideal for Rock, Metal and Punk genres.

From £61.99
UFIP Vibra Series Cymbals

Vibra gives a unique new sound. Still capturing the traditional authentic cymbal tone which UFIP is renowned for, but adding a great depth of frequencies with a sensitive response. The higher end of the sound spectrum is very clearly defined on the Vibra range making it suitable for all styles but of special consideration for Jazz and more Acoustic music styles.

From £207.83