UFIP Bionic Series Cymbals

Bionic B20 Cast. Fast and dynamic, with great power and cut.

Hammered deep and wide and then polished to give the cymbal added warmth, richness and tonality.

Bionic series offer exceptional versatility and control.

From £114.96
UFIP Class Series Cymbals

Class Series are B20 Cast Bronze hand hammered.

They offer great versatility and dynamic range and are suitable for any genre of music. 

From £95.99
UFIP Experience Series Cymbals

The Experience range is designed as part of UFIP's on-going product research . 

B20 Bronze, hand hammered. 

Full range of both contemporary and traditional styles including FX cymbals.


From £120.17
UFIP M8 Series

The M8 range is an entry or student level range.

Laquered and hand finished. All sets are supplied with a  FREE canvas carry case

From £38.32
UFIP Natural Series Cymbals

The Natural range are dark, rich and warm, with a fast response. Cast using B20 Bronze

They are a very versatile range that work well across many musical genres. With a unique 'coppery' finish and hand hammered.

From £95.99