Cympads & Felts

Cympad Moderators

Advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam cymbal washers.

Reduce cymbal volume and unwanted overtones.

Take control of your cymbals - ideal for all studio work


From £5.99
Cympad Optimisers

Advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam cymbal washers

Replace 'felts' on all cymbal stands - various sizes and colours available.

Optimisers will significantly enhance the sound of your cymbals... 

From £7.00
Cympad Shark Gated Drum Dampener

Keep the tone! Enhance the Attack!

Exclusive, hinged design allows the device to float on the playing surface - subtly reducing volume and resonance by reacting to the intensity of the stroke

Total snare control

Cympad Undertones

Cympad Undertones are designed to improve the sound of your Bass Drum. Hi Hat and Floor Tom while by offering an extra layer of protection from unwanted drum and pedal movement

From £26.99
Muff Kopf Bass Drum Beater Covers

Muff Kopf Vintage style bass drum beater covers

A simple, quick and convenient way to get a warm Vintage, Acoustic or Jazz bass drum sound without changing the head or beater. 

Takes seconds to change tone completely...


From £22.99