Cympads & Felts

Cympad Moderators

Advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam cymbal washers.

Reduce cymbal volume and unwanted overtones.


From £5.99
Cympad Optimisers

Advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam cymbal washers

Replace 'felts' on all cymbal stands - various sizes and colours available.

Optimisers will enhance the sound of your cymbals. 

From £7.00
Cympad Shark Gated Drum Dampener

Keep the tone! Enhance the Attack!

Exclusive, hinged design allows the device to float on the playing surface - subtly reducing volume and resonance by reacting to the intensity of the stroke.

Shaw Spares & Felts for Cymbal Stands

Shaw Spares for Cymbal Stands

From £4.00
Shaw Spares & Felts for Hi Hat Stands

Shaw Hi Hat Stand Felts & Spares

From £4.00