UFiP 1931

NEW RANGE UFiP Est. 1931 cast cymbal series.

In January 1931 four Italian Cymbal Companies  Marradi-Benti, Zanchi & Biasei, Rosati Leopoldo and A. & B. Fratelli Tronci founded a co-operative society called UFiP* to stop the competition between cymbals manufacturers. They did not realise then that this was the beginning of a revolution in cymbal production. Move on to the 1960’s and UFIP developed  their unique Rotocasting production technique. All UFiP cast cymbals are created with this method of pouring the molten bronze into a cymbal mold mounted on a centrifuge that spins at approximately 1000 revolutions per minute. This technique reduces air pockets in the alloy, helps eliminate impurities in the bronze and ensures a thicker bell, resulting in better resonance, together with less chance of breakages in use for its lifetime.

*UFiP is Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti. Translation: Italian Cymbal Manufacturers Union