Covid 19

We know you are probably inundated with emails and posts from people you can’t even remember buying from, but we but do want to share what we plan to do to help us all through these very challenging times.

MSC staff are predominantly working from home now, for as long as is necessary. You will not notice the difference really (God Bless the Internet) We are still processing and delivering orders – at least whilst UK Couriers are operating. We will try and entertain you more on our social media posts & we’ll be trying our best to spread some good news when we can. We might be self-isolating but we’re not self-focusing or doing nothing!

So; it’s business as usual at the moment. The only difference is that your orders may take very slightly longer to get to you and we have not been able to replenish stock on certain items and are low on others, due to the working restrictions in several of the countries that some of our suppliers and manufacturers are based in. We are still working on this though so please check back later if we are out of stock

So chin up and support your local retailers please – while you still can…

Stay safe  and best wishes from all of us at MSC

PS Wash your hands after you read this ?